Responsible business is close to our heart, and our objective is to treat everybody fairly, both people and the environment. This is why we only manufacture high-quality hygiene products that do not cause unnecessary harm to our nature and are suitable for the most delicate skin. We respect our environment, and in our operations, we consider the product’s entire life cycle, from the raw material selections all the way up to the product’s disposal. We have been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, but its strict criteria are nevertheless merely the minimum requirement for us. We want to contribute to the well-being of society by offering them new jobs and always choosing clean raw materials and responsible suppliers. Read more about our Code of Conduct.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel signifies a product’s environmental responsibility throughout its life cycle, taking into account the production process, the product’s use and waste management. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has set strict standards for the materials products may contain to receive the label and what may be added to them during the production process. Products that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel do not contain any substances harmful to health or the environment. The materials used in prdocuts must likewise be manufactured with low emissions and with no burden on the environment. Products that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel do not contain any unnecessary chemicals such as lotions or scents. For further details on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria, click here.

Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation

The Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation can award its Allergy Label to products whose safety has been independently certified. The label ensures that the products are safe and meet strict product-specific criteria. Feminine hygiene products and diapers that carry the Allergy Label do not contain any scents or other allergens. Vuokkoset feminine hygiene products and Muumi Baby diapers carry the Allergy Label and are also suitable for the most sensitive skin. We continue to collaborate with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation in order to be able to develop our products further.

Production in Finland

The Key Flag Symbol is a sign that the product in question is entirely made in Finland. The Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective trademark providing reliable proof of the product’s domestic origin. Our Muumi Baby diapers and Vuokkoset feminine hygiene products are manufactured in Finland, using only pure and safe raw materials. Read more about other Key Flag Symbol products and click here (in Finnish).

Certified hydropower

Our products are manufactured using certified hydropower. Hydropower comprises renewable energy that produces no carbon dioxide emissions. This choice allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by 285 tonnes of CO2 a year. This corresponds to the annual heating of 100 electrically heated detached houses, or a drive of 1.4 million kilometres in a petrol car.

For the common good

Our goal is to support causes that are particularly important to us, thus we donate our products to selected charities, from Finnish organisations to charities in developing countries. We have donated Muumi Baby diapers to Hope, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the New Children’s Hospital 2017 project, to name just a few examples. It is of primary importance to us that the causes we support share our key values and that we can proudly announce our support of them. We also support health education at schools by providing young girls with Vuokkoset product samples and leaflets with helpful information that supports their growth into womanhood. Our Vuokkoset website provides information about periods, as we know that getting your first period can be a confusing experience for a young girl and not everyone necessarily has someone to talk to about this.

For the next 100 years of Finnish independence

For many years, we have cooperated with educational institutions by providing them with project themes. These projects provide students with valuable opportunities to familiarise themselves with working life, while we gain new an fresh insights for our operations. We also want to help people with disabilities find employment, which is why we offer opportunities to participate in packaging work, for example, in cooperation with the local assisted employment centre in Kirkkonummi. This enables disabled people to experience the meaningfulness of having a job. Also, sports clubs help us with packing product samples. We want to contribute to the future of Finland, which is why we offer job opportunities for the makers of the future.

Notification channel

We’ve put in place a whistleblowing channel to report any irresponsible activity or abuse you find. You can find the notification channel here:

You can leave a notice you can submit either anonymously or under your own name. The notification process is encrypted and password protected and is handled by an external partner (EasyWhistle) to ensure anonymity, and all notifications are treated confidentially and cannot be traced. Be sure to retrieve the ID from the system for yourself so that you can view the progress of the processing process and the response.

We take all illegal, unethical and other practices that violate our Code of Conduct seriously and encourage you to bring them to our attention whenever there is reasonable doubt. The introduction of a whistleblowing channel is based on the EU’s Whistleblower Directive. Read more about the directive here.

Please note that you can provide standard customer feedback through the channels provided.