We have brave hearts, learning minds and a deep respect and love for nature. We bring Nordic common sense back to the world of disposable products.


We change the world by learning to live in a better balance with nature. By bringing natural sensibility to the consumption of wellbeing products, we will leave a valuable legacy.

Our Story

We are passionate about manufacturing safe and skin-friendly hygiene products in Finland for all family members in an environmentally responsible way.

Our story began 40 years ago with a little boy who had sensitive skin and his innovative father, Raimo Nuortie. At that time, there were no modern diapers on the market, so babies used cloth diapers. However, they were not suitable for the delicate skin of Raimo’s little son, Oskari. Like every father, also Raimo worried about his son’s well-being and decided to develop a new diaper that would be suitable for children’s sensitive skin.

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Muumi Baby – the best choice for your baby

A baby’s sensitive skin needs a skin-friendly and absorbent diaper that does not contain unnecessary chemicals, such as lotions, scents or chlorine. We produce the environmentally responsible and skin-friendly Muumi Baby diapers for all sizes, from newborns to toddlers. We Delipap employees are also mothers and fathers, and we want to ensure that you, too, can choose the best diaper for your baby.

Vuokkoset – Naturally from Finland

We, the ladies at Delipap, know that we all want to live and enjoy every moment, even when we are having our periods! We also know that during your period, good hygiene and the reliability of your sanitary towel are important. That is why we have developed the environmentally responsible Vuokkoset feminine hygiene products, which ensure that clean and fresh feeling every day of the month. Our product range includes panty liners and sanitary towels as well as tampons. Vuokkoset products are both hygienic and safe because we do not add any unnecessary chemicals to our products.

Helmi Baby – clean and easy

Family life is often busy. Our versatile Helmi Baby caring products for children are gentle, and they ease the busy lives of families. Our Helmi Baby disposable care products can be used both at home and on the go, and they make family life cleaner and easier.

Helmi – everyday luxury

Everybody wants to have something luxurious in their everyday life. That is why we have developed high-quality Helmi hygiene products. Helmi products are suitable for the entire family, from babies to grandparents. The luxurious products have been designed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, and therefore they keep even the most delicate skin clean.

Harmony – for cleaning and wiping

The gentle cleansing products of the Harmony range are used for wiping and protecting. The best features of paper and cloth are efficiently combined in products made of air-laid paper. Harmony light incontinence products are also part of our skin-friendly product range.