We are passionate about manufacturing safe and skin-friendly hygiene products in Finland for all family members in an environmentally responsible way.

Our story began 40 years ago with a little boy who had sensitive skin and his innovative father, Raimo Nuortie. At that time, there were no modern diapers on the market, so babies used cloth diapers. However, they were not suitable for the delicate skin of Raimo’s little son, Oskari. Like every father, also Raimo worried about his son’s well-being and decided to develop a new diaper that would be suitable for children’s sensitive skin. The new diaper made Oskari’s skin better, and encouraged by his well-functioning invention, Raimo decided to patent his idea and establish a company of his own – Delipap Oy. Soon, the company also included feminine hygiene products in its product range.

Today, we still follow Raimo’s footprints and manufacture only high-quality, skin-friendly and environmentally responsible hygiene products for the needs of all family members. You may have heard of Finnish Muumi Baby diapers, Vuokkoset feminine hygiene products, and Helmi products suitable for the whole family.
We want to make the lives of Finnish families easier and better by offering them skin-friendly and high-quality hygiene products manufactured in Finland in an environmentally responsible way. Thanks to our responsible operations, we have been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Key Flag Symbol and the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s Allergy Label. Delipap Oy is still owned by the Nuortie family, and it employs 70 persons in Finland.

The development of our company


Raimo Nuortie, a father of small children and a specialist in paper industry, has the idea of using clean, new paper as raw material for diapers and sanitary towels. Clean paper that was crushed into pulp and formed into a soft sheet structure absorbed the moisture evenly inside the diaper or sanitary towel and makes the product suitable also for sensitive skin.


Raimo Nuortie patents his new and innovative idea of the soft sheet structure and establishes a company of his own. He opens his first diaper manufacturing facility in Nummela, Southern Finland. The Key Flag Symbol awarded to Delipap Oy signifies that the products are made in Finland.


Vuokkoset feminine hygiene products are launched to the Finnish market. As with the diapers, Vuokkoset products are also manufactured in Finland.


Delipap Oy sets up a new and bigger diaper manufacturing facility in Lieksa.


Delipap Oy’s baby diapers are launched under the Muumi (Moomin) brand. The lovely Moomin characters decorate diapers and diaper bags, cheering up both children and parents.


The head office of Delipap Oy and the manufacturing facility for feminine hygiene products move from Nummela to Veikkola.


Muumi diapers become the first Finnish diaper brand to display the Allergy Label of the Finnish Asthma and Allergy Federation. The Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation can independently grant the Allergy Label for tested and safe products. The label guarantees that the products are skin-friendly and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


Delipap becomes the first company in the Nordic countries to procure a pull-up pant machine. The founder, Raimo Nuortie, becomes the chairman of the board, and his son, Oskari Nuortie, the boy with the sensitive skin, is appointed as the new managing director.


Delipap Oy receives an ISO 9001 quality certificate, which guarantees the high quality of the products and the manufacturing process.


Delipap Oy becomes the first manufacturer in the world to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for feminine hygiene products.
Delipap Oy is also one of the first diaper manufacturers to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


The only Finnish facility manufacturing disposable diapers moves to Tammisaari and starts operating in October.


Delipap Oy is the first Nordic manufacturer to launch a fully biodegradable feminine product series: Vuokkoset 100% Bio.
At the same time, the Muumi diapers get a biodegradable packaging.


Both production facilities start using only certified hydropower.
Hydropower is a renewable source of energy that does not produce any harmful carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere or the environment.


Delipap Oy makes the biggest investment in its history and purchases a brand new open diaper machine for the Tammisaari plant. The machine manufactures up to 550 diapers per minute.


The new production line starts running, and the renewed, extra soft Muumi Baby open diapers are launched to the markets.


One of Raimo’s twin daughters, Sanna Karhu, starts running the company. Oskari is now a member of the company’s board.


Vuokkoset feminine hygiene products are renewed and launched in new packages. All Vuokkoset thin sanitary towels and panty liners have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and they have been developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.